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Black Sabbath overcome odds, deliver on ’13’

Black Sabbath have been attempting to create new music with its original lineup for more than a decade. However, distractions and solo efforts always seemed to get in the way. When the creative machine started […]

Seven Circle Sunrise offers impressive debut release

There has been an abundance of new music in 2011, however the debut release by Seven Circle Sunrise, Beauty in Being Alone, is worthy of discussion. Based out of Ohio, the three-piece outfit is centered […]

Daughtry Releases New Music: Break the Spell

Daughtry are about to release their third effort, Break the Spell, on 21 November 2011–exactly five years to the day that their debut album launched to multi-platinum success in 2006. Thanks to social networking, Daughtry […]

‘Staind’ – Worth the Wait!

Staind are set to release their self-titled and seventh studio release on September 13th. Front-man Aaron Lewis is coming off a successful jaunt into another realm–a 5-song, country influenced E.P., Town Line, and (mostly) solo […]