Gear Review: Think Tank Photo Turnstyle 10 Bag

ThinkTank Photo Turnstyle 10 Sling Bag

ThinkTank Photo Turnstyle 10 Sling Bag

When it comes to camera gear, Think Tank has quickly become the bag of choice for many professional and amateur photographers. Whether it’s the hardcore Airport Rolling Bag to the versatile Speed Freak V2 shoulder bag, Think Tank has a camera bag for every need. Never satisfied that they’ve created the perfect environment for your gear, they’re constantly updating an existing model or adding new bags to their lineup. We recently acquired their latest sling backpack, the Turnstyle 10.

As opposed to a shoulder bag, which hangs precariously over the shoulder, the sling bag is worn across the body like a sash. When a shoulder bag is worn in a similar matter it usually cuts into the neck and quickly becomes uncomfortable. This is definitely not the case with the Turnstyle 10 sling bag. When toting gear it’s worn with the storage resting comfortably on the back. A quick tug brings the storage compartment over the shoulder and in position just below the chest for direct access to a large zippered storage compartment. Simple. Effective.

The first thing we noticed when picking up this bag is that it’s extremely lightweight. When empty it weighs barely a pound, and can be worn all day without fatigue. Though it’s lightweight, it still features rugged zippers combined with its water resistant nylon shell. It also comes with a sealed rain cover should inclement weather materialize. The Turnstyle can also be converted to a beltpack with a few adjustments, but it was designed as a sling bag and works best when secured over the shoulder.


The default configuration comes with a pair of padded separation panels that are held in place with velcro–identical to almost any other camera gear storage solution. Interior dimensions of the Turnstyle 10 are 7.1” W x 12.6” H x 4.8” D (18 x 32 x 12.2 cm) but the bag does taper toward the top. It can snugly store a pair of pro SLR lenses (e.g., a Canon 50mm f/1.2 L and Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 II) in addition to a standard SLR body (e.g., Canon 5D Mk III or smaller without a vertical battery grip). Remove one of the foam separation panels and the camera body can be stored with a lens attached. An SLR user will want to consider the larger Turnstyle 20. A smaller Turnstyle 5 also exists, but with growth in mind we’d definitely opt for one of the two roomier options.

The Turnstyle 10 is ideal for a smaller camera like a Canon Rebel or any of the mirrorless systems that are gaining traction from Fuji and Sony. The sling bag can easily accommodate any of the Fuji X-series bodies with virtually any of its complementary lens options. The photo above shows that the Turnstyle 10 can handle the Fuji X-E1 with the Fuji 18-55mm lens attached, Fuji 55-200mm lens and battery charger with room to spare.

A second storage pouch for lens filters, memory cards, extra batteries and/or phone is situated on the outermost portion of the bag. Though the Turnstyle 10 technically can handle a prosumer SLR with a couple moderately sized pro lenses, the fit is snug enough that the outer storage pouch is unusable (again, the Turnstyle 20 would be your bag at a mere cost of 0.2 pounds). Own an iPad Mini or other small tablet? There’s a zippered storage compartment on the interior that will hold a 7″ tablet.

Smaller SLR and compact mirrorless users are going to be quite happy with the Turnstyle 10. While it might be a little big for the Sony and Fuji users, the added space gives room to grow. The weight difference between the Turnstyle 10 and its siblings is a mere 0.2 pounds in either direction.


Build Quality 8/10 – It’s hard to not give a ThinkTank bag a 10 for build quality. This bag is built for use, but it does not have the same heavyweight zippers and nylon used in their larger bags that are designed to haul pro gear. That makes the Turnstyle light, and you want light for this type of bag.

Ergonomics 9/10 – One large primary bay, with removable velcro compartment pads that allow customization into two or three smaller sections for main storage. A separate exterior section for small cables, filters and memory cards. Plus a soft-skinned interior pouch that will handle a small iPad Mini or similar tablet.

Weight 10/10 – It was mentioned before, but to reiterate: this bag is light.

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