Seven Circle Sunrise offers impressive debut release

Seven Circle Sunrise - Beauty in Being Alone

There has been an abundance of new music in 2011, however the debut release by Seven Circle Sunrise, Beauty in Being Alone, is worthy of discussion. Based out of Ohio, the three-piece outfit is centered around vocalist and guitarist Veno Xavier, with Taylor James on drums and Robert Thomas contributing on bass.


Dark, life-tested, lyrics stem from Xavier’s experiences that span from his youth form the basis of Beauty of Being Alone.  The lyrics describe the emotional angst that derive from a difficult upbringing, where each song represents a window into his past.  One could conclude that the music is an afterthought to the story behind the verses, given that Xavier has emerged from his past with a bright future, such that the heavy lyrics are lifted by somewhat upbeat musical arrangements comprised of catchy riffs and solid vocals.  “Change left me alone, I cannot remember when I lost control” from Home and “Here I am again, I’m a broken man. Can you pick up the pieces and make me who I am?” on Broken Man suggest the tone of the album.

Their sound is be best categorized as post-grunge and hard rock, a slight resemblance to Seether, with influences that appear to be drawn from Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, and Silverchair.  Every track has potential to be a radio hit, a majority would be best served by hard rock stations while the remainder would satisfy mainstream rock appetites. Standout tracks include Home, Broken Man, Nevershine After All,  and Undone; there are not any truly bad songs on the album.

Track listing:
1. Intro – 1:03
2. Broken Man – 3:54
3. Another Day – 3:27
4. Dead Love Letters – 3:27
5. Nevershine – 3:30
6. After All – 3:45
7. Praying for You – 3:47
8. Undone – 3:29
9. Place I Was Before – 3:54
10. In Hate – 4:04
11. Home – 3:53

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