Milwaukee Impresses All That Remains (and Vice Versa)

Phil Labonte of All That Remains at The Rave in Milwaukee

Phil Labonte, the expressive and and openly opinionated All That Remains vocalist, voiced his impression of the Milwaukee crowd many times as he appeared genuinely blown away by the energetic fans.   Always impressive live, All That Remains opened at full throttle with Hold On and those who didn’t heed their advice were literally thrown.  Crowd surfing was a bit of a misnomer as fans and articles of clothing were tossed well above the crowd throughout the show.


Crowd participation peaked at the onset and continued until the closing lines of Two Weeks to finish their set.  When Labonte proclaimed, “This is the heaviest song you will hear tonight” to introduce Some of the People, All of the TIme the sold-out Eagle’s Ballroom erupted into a flurry of motion.  By the time the song ended Labonte had a huge smile and screamed “Milwaukeeeeee!  You guys are a crazy f—ing ass crowd!”  He spoke the truth and it’s hard to believe that anybody present would have anything left for the Five Finger Death Punch headline set.  That was not the case as “Five Finger” “DEATH PUNCH” erupted at deafening levels shortly before they took the stage.  This was a brilliant night of metalcore at its best!

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Gear Used for this Shoot

Apologies for the lack of photos, please see our All That Remains Gallery for a complete set of band photos.  House flood lights were not used, only dim red lighting.  I shot exclusively with the Canon 50mm f/1.2 and the couple photos that were usable were due to either house lights or the random strobes.

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