Daughtry Releases New Music: Break the Spell

Daughtry to release "Break the Spell" on Nov 21, 2011

Daughtry are about to release their third effort, Break the Spell, on 21 November 2011–exactly five years to the day that their debut album launched to multi-platinum success in 2006. Thanks to social networking, Daughtry have been able to keep their fans apprised during every step of the recording process while expressing their excitement about the new material.Β  They announced their intention to begin work on new music on 1 January 2011 and by 21 August Chris Daughtry summed up their progress by stating, “It’s always cliche to say, this is our best stuff yet, but SERIOUSLY I’m so proud of this record! We’re halfway done and it’s blowing my mind!”

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Track Listing (Standard):
1. Renegade – 3:32
2. Crawling Back To You – 3:41
3. Outta My Head – 3:29
4. Start Of Something Good – 4:22
5. Crazy – 3:21
6. Break The Spell – 3:26
7. We’re Not Gonna Fall – 3:15
8. Gone Too Soon – 3:30
9. Losing My Mind – 3:44
10. Rescue Me – 3:17
11. Louder Than Ever – 3:35
12. Spaceship – 3:48

As with their previous releases, a deluxe edition will be made available with the following additional tracks (not part of our preview release):

13. Who’s They
14. Maybe We’re Already Gone
15. Everything But Me
16. Lullaby

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