3 Doors Down Share The Better Life

Todd Harrell and Brad Arnold of 3 Doors Down at the Rockford MetroCentre

3 Doors Down took command of the stage and evening when they opened their set with the title-track from their 2011 release Time of My Life. Those words appeared to ring true for the band and fans alike as the entire venue fed off the energy of vocalist Brad Arnold and bassist Todd Harrell who roamed freely on the openly bare stage. Both guitarists, Matt Roberts and Chris Henderson, flanked the outer edges while Greg Upchurch appeared to have come from the Bonzo school of drumming–he was a beast on the elevated kit and pounded relentlessly through the entire show.


The momentum continued with Duck and Run, from their debut album, and The Better Life. Though they played off a standard setlist, the show had a natural flow but was a step back in production value from previous tours.  Gone were the choreographed pyrotechnics, instead they chose to incorporate a large video screen which alternated between scripted videos and a live feed.  This placed emphasis on their performance and instead relied on their capabilities. Arnold appeared humbled and appreciative of the fans, finishing most songs with “thank you my friends.”

Arnold did his usual romp through the crowd during Round and Round. Earlier in the evening the show broke for a few moments while a retrospective video of Brad Arnold played that reflected on his teen and early years of their musical career.  It was noted that they wrote hits such as Kryptonite and Loser as a 15 year-old while struggling with high school. The video sent a mixed message as he suggested that those who achieved and “could do no wrong” were not always successful later in life. Arnold’s video exclaimed that youth should “live for today” and instantly brought cheers from the younger crowd.

They closed out their set with Here Without You and It’s Not My Time before returning for an encore that included Kyptonite, Every Time You Go, and Here Without You; the latter was a tribute to military families. They also took a few moments to speak on behalf the Better Life Foundation–a project that they started in 2003 in an effort to “make a positive change in the lives of children in need of food, shelter and medical assistance, and to enhance the lives of children and young adults with special needs.”

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1. Time of My Life
2. Duck and Run
3. The Better Life
4. Away From The Sun
5. It’s Not Me
6. What’s Left
7. Citizen/Solider
8. Changes
Brad Arnold Video Retrospective
9. When You’re Young
10. Loser
11. Round and Round (Brad Arnold walked through crowd)
12. Behind Those Eyes
13. Here Without You
14. It’s Not My Time
15. Kryptonite
16. Every Time You Go
17. Here Without You


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