All That Remains at 93X Fest

Vocalist Philip Labonte and guitarist Mike Martin of All That Remains

All That Remains opened with Now Let Them Tremble… The questionable weather and ominous clouds held off throughout their 30-minute set. The majority of their show consisted of tracks from their most recent release For We Are Many and 2008’s Overcome. Vocalist Philip Labonte and guitarist Oli Herbert set the pace for the show with their energetic display–Labonte bounced across the stage while Herbert relentlessly thrashed his head. Mike Martin (guitar), Jeanne Sagan (bass) and Jason Costa (percussion) seemed content keeping the rhythm intact.



1. Now Let Them Tremble…
2. This Calling
3. The Last Time
4. Forever in Your Hands
5. Some of the People, All of the Time
6. Won’t Go Quietly
7. Hold On
8. Two Weeks

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